Westword Magazine - Former Public Defender Fights for Racial Justice Through Music.  Read full article >>

Matador Network - 8 Bands Crushing Denver Right Now - "At first you are reminded of Dylan, with Palmer’s raspy vocal patterns and populist lyricism. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that Palmer’s prose, among a blend of folk and rock, is as imaginative as it is relatable."  Read full article >>

Relix Magazine (July 2015 hard copy) - "While the saying 'Grub Street Writer' refers to low-level writing with little literary value, the songwriting from Palmer and company is anything but hackneyed… [Palmer has] a raspy Dylan-esque voice that rumbles off the walls… GSW likely will find a wider audience in Colorado and beyond." 

Andy Named One of Colorado's Best Solo Artists 2014

Colorado Music Buzz - "Picture, if you will, yourself as a young rising star in the legal world, living it up in Brooklyn, New York and partying like its 1999. You have a beautiful wife, love the city life, and have recently rekindled that bright fire that used to light up your soul -- being a performing musician."  Read full article >>

Album Reviews

'The Switch' - released May 19, 2017

Afropunk - "Weighty and full of emotion, [Palmer's music is] hypnotic in its ability to be both full of strength and vulnerability, simultaneously."  Read full article>>

BolderBeat - "[Palmer] is a beacon of light, radiating positive vibes from his guitar, and pure feeling from his vocal chords."  Read full article >>

'Storm's Not Coming' - released October 21, 2014

Marquee Magazine - "4.5 out of 5 stars" Read full article>>

Colorado Music Buzz - "His sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and it does a lot more than 'work' for him."  Read full article >>

Denver Post's Reverb - "...a powerful track showcasing how folk rock can actually rock. It’s dense and driving." Read full article >>

'Hazard of the Die' - released May 2013

Westword Magazine - "...damn near epic at points..." - Read full article >>

Marquee Magazine - "4 out of 5 stars" Read full article

The Troubadour's Road - "[Palmer] simply rolled out one of the best albums of 2013." - Read full article >>

JiveWired - "Like Waits, Cohen and Dylan, Palmer fully recognizes the impact of his voice and takes full advantage, enhancing his poetic lyrics with elegant rhythmic motifs." Read full article

Listen Up, Denver! - "[Palmer] does a phenomenal job of telling the stories of a painfully real world to a soothing and intimate soundtrack. Hazard of the Die is both timeless and present, moody and cool, offering listeners a smooth yet honest musical experience." Read Full Article >> - "This brand of outlaw folk blends perfectly with the theme of life and liberty being ruled by a roll of the dice." Read full article >>

Good Vibes Music Reviews - "Not many people can pull off having a voice so deep, but Palmer does a good job of it - such a good job in fact that his sound becomes almost addictive."  Read full article 

Wildy's World - "Palmer’s voice is enigmatic" Read full article

Inside World Music - "Andy Palmer presents us with an alt-folk-rock EP of quirky, edgy, bluesy, and poetic odes of human brilliance." Read full article

Middle Tennessee Music - "In the spirit of great storytellers such as Tom Waits, Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Nick Cave, this album is alive with poetic outlaw adventures which tumble through the topics of robbery, death, class struggle, sin, and salvation." Read full article

Andrew Greenhalgh (music blogger) - "A lyricist who writes openly and honestly and delivers those words couched in colorful and creative blankets of sound, all hinged upon his unique vocals" Read full article

Coyote Music - "Palmer's music is convincing because of its depth. With instrumentation centering around his acoustic guitars, the beauty in his songs comes in large part from the compelling stories he tells." Read full article

'Sometime Around' - released September 2011

Best of Westword 2011! - "Andy Palmer, a former public defender in Brooklyn and river-raft guide in Colorado, seems to bring his impressive life experience to bear on Sometime Around, a release that boasts hints of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Mississippi John Hurt. Thanks to Palmer's heartfelt vocal style and explosive acoustic guitar playing, the tracks have a timeless sound that gives the entire record an epic feel." Read Full Article >>

Interstate Live - "Voices like this have not come to the forefront of the music scene since the likes of Louis Armstrong and Tom Waits, and it’s a great thing that they have started to come back. From the exotic flamenco style of “Cy Ethan”, to the melancholy “When History’s Done”, to the final farewell of “Won’t Happen Again”, the variety of styles is great and shows great musicianship: The band doesn’t need to play the same stuff over and over just to sound good." Read Full Review >>

Westword - "With vocal echoes of Tom Waits, lyrical ties to Leonard Cohen and acoustic guitar rooted in American folk traditions, Palmer's album plays like an intense and meditative statement. His concentrated growl is the constant across a variety of structures and themes, tying epic lyrics on songs like 'When History's Done' to more traditional lovelorn cues on 'Grr.' Overall, the record is a work of intense self-inspection, pulled from days spent navigating rivers and nights spent on frozen steppes." Read Full Review >>

Jive Wired - "Andy Palmer is an amazing talent and his honest and raw vocals serve to superbly compliment the LP's wonderful arrangements." Read full article

Scene Magazine - "The genre-mixed intonation displayed on the disc blends beautifully with Palmer’s scratchy, deep and weathered voice. Bringing to mind a latter-day Bob Dylan (as opposed to current-day, almost not understandable Dylan) and Ben Harper, Palmer’s voice is the perfect canvas to house the different musical colors and strokes... Ultimately, it’s the strong lyrics and structure blended with the various musical sounds that make Andy Palmer’s debut a solid success." Read Full Review >>

The Oomph Music Blog - "…his record is excellent. Sometime Around has high production value and a gritty, folk-rock vibe that stays with you after the songs end–and Palmer’s squeaky/gravelly vocals are just the icing on the cake." Read Full Review >>

Target Audience Magazine - "Sometime Around is a great debut... Andy Palmer proves he is an artist to keep an eye on." Read Full Review >>

The Troubadour's Road - "The featured song/video [Grrr] is one of the most powerful I’ve heard and seen in some time."  Read Full Feature >>

Denver Syntax (Jonathan Bitz) - "An up and coming talent, Andy Palmer's command of a room is large. With his sharp, quick stabs at his guitar - he blends a unique color field of old and new. In all, his work is delightful array of song and light. With his wordy, heady vocal orchestra, Palmer is a fresh spray of color and emotion on the Denver scene."

John A. Ware, original drummer for Emmylou Harris' Hot Band - “… I’ve worked with some honest and endearing story tellers/singers/liars. Palmer is all of that. Go see. Go listen.”

Live Reviews

Grateful Web - Music on the Mesa (duo) - "Palmer is kind of a ringer in Americana circles, meaning much unexpected… Sometimes he produces that plaintive spiritual moan of the black gospel church. Sometimes it’s the softness of a father singing about his baby daughter. Sometimes it’s mournful, as if looking through the a life none of us will ever know."  Read full article >>

Grateful Web -  Bluebird Theater (full band). "Andy Palmer and Grub Street Writer torched through a heavy hitting blues set.  Palmer handles acoustic and resonator guitars… he sings his ass off as a clear-cut front man, the band rouses his singer-songwriter material to life."  Read full article >>

Brian Turk (Listen Up Denver!) - "I saw a different version of Grub Street at The Walnut Room. They were tight and their music was presented in more detail. The sound was great and it seemed like Palmer’s vision is finally coming together. I also realized that his acoustic guitar playing is far more developed than I had originally given him credit for."

"Palmer is trying to present his music by adding some refinement and space to his Folk/Punk attitude and sound. Combining the subtleties of guitarist Dan Kern’s Jam and Jazz influenced Les Paul licks, with Palmer’s more raw acoustic style turned out to be a sure-fire way to do it. Both Kern and Palmer were on fire, and people loved it!"

"Although a lot of material from Andy’s album Sometime Around was performed, a more recently penned song about Colfax got the crowd moving, and I swear if there was a hula-hoop in the room the shorty with the short hair in the front would have been all about it! Kern’s style was rather “buttery” as Palmer’s brother aptly put it, and I expect the Palmer and Kern team to come up with some more great material as the continue to work together in the future!"

Read Full Review >>


The Pier Magazine - "We’re talking about folk-rock with an edge, with grit and a little New York City swagger.  Palmer has one of music’s most unique voices.  It’s deep, scratchy, and authentic…"  Read full article >>

Listen Up Denver! - "I had the chance to sit down with Andy and Grub Street Writer’s electric guitar player, Dan Kern. What I saw was two men from totally different backgrounds, who are about to add something fresh to Denver’s venues. Andy claims to come from a jam background, in terms of what he listened to growing up, but chooses to present his music in a more primal way. To Andy, there are two sides to his music, “the jam, peaceful, no negativity thing, and the hardness. I want Grub Street writer to hit people and tell them it’s okay to acknowledge the dark and the light. I used to think there was no room for negativity in music, but over the years I have started opening up. I am searching for a middle ground that is hard to find for most bands. Dark, light, fast, upbeat, mellow.” Dan is from a jam background, in terms of playing, and his style lends an openness and depth to Palmer’s stripped down creations." Read Full Interview >>

Video Reviews

Stand by Your Jam - "[The music video for the song 'Grrr'] from musical craftsman, Andy Palmer, is a refreshing and impactful introduction to the raspy yet perfected, folk-y hotness of his debut album, Sometime Around. You guys know I'm no good with words (I'm a VJ by nature, not a writer) but on top of my normal lack of articulation, I am occasionally moved to the point of total speechlessness and this is one of those times. Well done AP!" Read Review >>