Andy performed at the Kennedy Center this fall - watch.

2017 Finalist - NewSong-LEAF songwriting competition - Andy competed among eight finalist selected from nearly 400 submissions.  He finished in the top three after two rounds of performances at the LEAF Festival.

2017 Winner - Colorado Music Business Organization songwriting competition

2017 Finalist - Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

"Weighty and full of emotion, [Palmer's music is] hypnotic in its ability to be both full of strength and vulnerability simultaneously."  Afropunk

"While the saying 'Grub Street Writer' [Palmer's band] refers to low-level writing with little literary value, the songwriting from Palmer and company is anything but hackneyed… [Palmer has] a raspy Dylan-esque voice that rumbles off the walls…" Relix Magazine

"At first you are reminded of Dylan, with Palmer’s raspy vocal patterns and populist lyricism. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that Palmer’s prose, among a blend of folk and rock, is as imaginative as it is relatable." Matador Network

"...a modern-day Bob Dylan doused with smokey New York City night club folk, topped off with a soothing dose of Rocky Mountain hipster.  His sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and it does a lot more than “work” for him." - Colorado Music Buzz

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